and Control Project

Paisley Mosquito Festival

The mosquito control program for the City of Paisley has been outsourced.  All mosquito control activities will be conducted by a licensed Mosquito Control company from Klamath Falls.  If you would like to contact them, email or call (541) 238-2272.

Since the City is not responsible for the spraying, we can help out the residents in the outskirts. If interested, please contact the contractor at or (541) 238-2272. Of click here.

The intentions of the mosquito control program are to reduce the mosquitoes while also remaining environmentally responsible.  All mosquito control services will be funded by revenue generated by the Mosquito Festival.  In order for the Mosquito control operations to be successful, the Mosquito Festival needs to be successful.  If you have ideas for fundraising for the festival and mosquito control, please contact us. 

Information about the Program will be updated onto this site.  We will include schedules, pesticide information, public education information, and what ever else you feel would help.

We look forward to working with you all.

Mosquito Control Project